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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dc Comics Dc Nation 2/23/11 Update!

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DC Nation: Don't say we didn't warn you…
February 23, 2011

 How's it going DC Nation? At the end of last year we promised you big things were in store for 2011 and we're only two months in and I think you can tell that we weren't kidding around. From the announcements of new projects on our blog, The Source, to our holding our pricing at $2.99, to the return of letters columns in our books, to the launch of the DC Universe Online (check out issues #1 and #2 of the companion book DC Universe Online Legends on sale now!), to exciting twits and turns as we head towards the unexpected conclusion of Brightest Day. It's an awesome time to be a DC fan for sure. In fact, it's so awesome that I wanted to make sure you were caught up on some of the storylines and crossovers that have been developing this month in our books. Trust me when I say that the seeds for the rest of the year and beyond are being planted right now and you don't want to miss a thing. 
With that in mind be sure you check out the following comics: - Green Lantern #63 and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7 are the prologues to the upcoming "War of the Green Lanterns storyline.
- The Flash #11 is a special "Road to Flashpoint" issue by Geoff Johns & Francis Manapul.
- Outsiders #37 is the next chapter in the ongoing "Reign of Doomsday" event, leading to a surprise conclusion in April.
- Red Robin #20 & Teen Titans #92 is a two-part story that feature a reunion between Tim Drake and his former teammates.
- Justice League #54 kicks off the epic "Rise of Eclipso" arc by James Robinson and Brett Booth.

Keep your eyes peeled for even more excitement and adventure and be sure to check back here next week when we'll be offering some interesting clues for Flashpoint.

Be seeing you,
-Ian Sattller