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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clifford The Big Red Dog: Best Buddies DVD Review

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Clifford The Big Red Dog: Best Buddies DVD Review

Synopsis: Clifford knows that every day is a big, cuddly, fun-filled adventure when you spend time with your friends! In these six adventure-filled stories, Clifford and his friends discover the best parts of friendship are being together. They also see the importance of keeping promises, respecting each other and doing nice favors. So whether Clifford's getting a bath from Emily Elizabeth, playing tag with Cleo and T-Bone, sharing a squiggle stick with Mac, or watching fireworks, he always knows the best part of best buddies is being with the people—and dogs—he loves the most! Includes 6 stories: A Ferry Tale, Cleo Comes to Town, Promises Promises, Jetta's Sneak Peek, Ears Have It, Saturday Morning

Review:  Clifford is one of those amazing shows that has really taken on a life of its own beyond the original children's book series.  The show, which often airs on PBS stations, is an absolutely fabulous example of a cartoon that is safe for kids while also providing a great level of entertainment and social education.  This new collection of 6 episodes is a great way to let your kids enjoy cartoons that teach friendship and great values.

Interest Range: Clifford, Kids Cartoon