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Monday, February 28, 2011

Paddington Bear: The Complete Original Series DVD Review

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Paddington Bear: The Complete Original Series DVD Review

Synopsis: A complete collection of the endearing, stop-motion classic shows based on the acclaimed books!

Dressed in his characteristic duffle coat and oversized hat, cuddly Paddington Bear has been capturing the imagination of children around the world for generations. Paddington Bear, the series based on the internationally acclaimed books by Michael Bond, remains one of the most successful children s programs ever produced in the UK.

Includes all three Paddington Bear specials:
Paddington Birthday Bonanza
Paddington Goes to School
Paddington Goes to the Movies

Review: The new "Cookie Jar" imprint from Mill Creek has really been catching our eye here at the Legion.  Mostly for the 80s toon releases like Masters of the Universe, COPS and some GI Joe.  This release is geared towards a slightly different audience.  This is the UK Paddington Bear show.  It was highly popular in its day and certainly deserves some notice.  If you've never seen it, this show is a great one to share with your kids.  If you watched this one as a kid its a great trip down memory lane for a great price!

Interest Range: Classic Kids Programming

New Young Justice Episode this Friday: "Downtime"

After a break last week, there will be a new Young Justice episode airing on Cartoon Network this Friday, March 4, 2011!  The episode is titled "Downtime".

After a disastrous mission with the team, Aqualad returns to Atlantis to choose between a life on the surface world or one beneath the waves with the Aquagirl of his dreams. But other forces at play may make Aqualad's decision for him.

Patrice O'Neal: Elephant in the Room DVD Review

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Patrice O'Neal: Elephant in the Room DVD Review

Synopsis: Patrice O'Neal is one of the funniest, most respected comedians working today. You know him from his recurring roles on The Office and Arrested Development, as host of VH1's Web Junk 20, as a featured guest on Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn. He also has a hugely-followed podcast and sells out shows across the country. 'Elephant In The Room,' filmed at the New York Comedy Festival, is his first full-length special and is being release extended and uncensored with 40 minutes of content not seen on TV. The special will air on Comedy Central and a CD of the same name will be released in conjunction.

Review: Patrice O'Neal is one of the funniest comics I've seen in awhile.  His comedy is very accessible, with topics from race to relationships to sports, he delves into a little bit of everything.  His commentary and viewpoint are fresh and his timing is dead-on.  I found his stand-up to be quite funny and definately something worth checking-out! 

Interest Range: Stand-Up Comedy

Retro Batman Returns Kenner Toy Commercials!

Hey Bat-Fans!  

We thought that we'd start uploading tons of old bat-videos from my personal archives.  I have lots of old commercials and oddities, so lets get started!  

Your First Look At The Future of CAPTAIN AMERICA!

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Your First Look At The Future of CAPTAIN AMERICA!
The future of Captain America hangs in the balance as Marvel celebrates the Sentinel of Liberty’s 70th anniversary in Captain America #616! No fan can miss this giant-sized celebration featuring a star-studded cast of comics’ greatest creators coming together to tell amazing Captain America stories! Following the shocking conclusion of the Trial of Captain America, Eisner Award-winner Ed Brubaker teams up with superstar artists Mike Deodato, Ed McGuinness and Travis Charest to send the Sentinel of Liberty in a shocking new direction. With Bucky in a Russian jail after being taken prisoner for his actions as the Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers must race to uncover the international conspiracy to set his ex-partner free. Daunting decisions need to be made and the choices Steve makes will have dire consequences for them both!
Join comics legend Howard Chaykin as Captain America foils a nasty Nazi plot in the days before he’s lost in ice. Then see how Marvel’s super soldier grapples with a modern day maniac with genocidal aspirations courtesy of Frank Tieri and Paul Azaceta! Next the fan favorite creative team of Mike Benson and Paul Grist recount Cap’s untold moments in the darkest days of World War II as a vampire?! And when France is under siege from Nazi occupation, Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel and Pepe Larraz pair Captain America up with the heroic Union Jack! But will their combined might be enough to hold them back in time for Allied forces to arrive? Finally, Cullen Bunn and Jason Latour send Cap to unearth a deep-seated secret right in America’s heartland that has been buried for decades and is definitely not ready to be unearthed!
From the Invaders to the Secret Avengers, the Marvel Universe will be turning out in full to witness Captain America’s boldest leap into action yet this March, only in Captain America #616!
Rated T+ …$4.99
FOC-2/28/11, On-Sale-3/23/11

Brass Bancroft of the Secret Service DVD Review

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Brass Bancroft of the Secret Service DVD Review

Now available on DVD at:

Synopsis: In his third year as a Warner Bros. contract player, U.S. President Ronald Reagan did time as a federal employee 40 years before becoming U.S. President. In 4 fast-paced B-movies, he was Lt. “Brass” Bancroft, a stalwart Secret Service agent who risked life and limb to bring to justice illegal alien smugglers, counterfeiters and enemy spies. Apprehend the 2-disc Brass Bancroft of the Secret Service Mysteries Collection in the name of the law – and of vintage Hollywood fun

Review: The American public and the news media have always made it a point to refer to the late President Ronald Reagan's past as an actor, but how many have actually seen his work?  What kind of an actor was he?  What project(s) was he famous for?  I dare say that most cannot answer these questions.  Fortunately, the Warner Archive has come bearing answers with the Brass Bancroft series on manufacture-on-demand DVD.

This great new DVD set includes the following classic "B" action films:

-Code of the Secret Service
-Secret Service of the Air
-Smashing the Money Ring
-Murder in the Air

These secret agent films from the 1930s and 40s are a part of the Brass Brancroft series, said to be based on the works of W.H. Moran, ex-Chief of the Secret Service.  These types of films were mass produced.  These are kinda fun, because they are featuring the same recurring character.  The scripts and acting are pretty campy.  This DVD is a great piece for any fan of vintage film, especially B action film.

Interest Range: Vintage Film

Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger Blu-Ray Review

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You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger Blu-Ray Review


Review: This film was not my cup of tea.  Why, you ask?  Oh, you didn't ask did you?  Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.  Firstly, Woody Allen is one of my least favorite directors.  I like him even less as a person..he's just creepy.  Ok, that aside, this film is all about various married couples slutting around with lovers behind each other's backs.  Its a terribly modern idea of a love story gone wrong.  The sad thing is, this is just so close to real life that its depressing.  I'm no prude, but I don't enjoy that no one can stay faithful anymore and these types of films just tend to bore me.  Sexual politics is best left to those with something credible to say, not those that have slept with their wife's daughter.

Interest Range: Drama

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Game of Death Blu-Ray Review

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Game of Death Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Action superstar Wesley Snipes is back and badder than ever as CIA Agent Marcus Jones, a professional hit man caught in a double-cross between his partners in the agency, a ruthless arms dealer and a powerful Wall Street broker worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Framed for a murder he didn’t commit and chased by expert assassins, Jones must clear his name before its too late.Also starring Robert Davi (Die Hard), Gary Daniels (The Expendables) and ZoĆ« Bell (Grindhouse), GAME OF DEATH is an action-packed thriller filled with pulse-pounding excitement.

Review: Game of Death is old school action.  This film reminds me of the action films I saw primarily in the 1980s with martial arts starts.  Lots of people dying, some cursing, but no real nudity or sexual content (that was left for the horror-flicks).

Wesley Snipes narrates this tale in a confession.  He's a CIA agent who is being targeted by crooked agents with millions of dollars at stake.  Thats all you need to know.  Oh, and Snipes shoots guns.  Thats the other thing you need to know.  This film isn't rocket science, its good old-fashioned action-killing fun.  Enjoy.

Interest Range: Action/Adventure

Andrea Romano Discusses All-Star Superman!

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Eight-time Emmy Award Winning Casting/Dialogue Director will Appear at
Premieres in New York (2/14) and Los Angeles (2/17) at The Paley
Center for Media

To vocally craft the characters within the DC Universe Animated
Original Movies, the production brain trust of DC Entertainment,
Warner Premiere, Warner Home Video and Warner Bros. Animation is smart
enough to employ the best in the business – on both sides of the

While winners of Oscars, Emmys and Tonys alike provide the voices
behind some of the world’s best known comic book characters, it is the
super hero of voice directors that guides these unique talents –
Andrea Romano.

Arguably the top animation voiceover director in the business today,
Romano has been instrumental in orchestrating the vocal tones behind
the first 10 DCU animated films, including the highly anticipated
February 22 release of All-Star Superman.

The eight-time Emmy® Award winner (not to mention 30+ Emmy
nominations) has a voiceover casting/direction resume that spans more
than a quarter century, covering the genre gamut from action (Batman:
The Animated Series) and humor (Animaniacs) to contemporary (The
Boondocks) and timeless (Smurfs). She will appear at both the New York
and Los Angeles premieres of All-Star Superman next week, and will
undoubtedly be greeted with a wild, lengthy cheer – an ovation she
regularly receives at Cons around the globe.

For All-Star Superman, Grant Morrison’s beloved, Eisner Award-winning
vision of Superman’s heroic final days on Earth, Romano has rounded up
an intriguing lineup of stars to fill the comic book character roles.
James Denton (Desperate Housewives) has donned the cape as Superman,
Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) is Lois Lane, and Anthony LaPaglia
(Without A Trace) voices Lex Luthor to form the core cast. They are
joined by seven-time Emmy® Award winner Ed Asner (Up) as Perry White,
Golden Globe® winner Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under) as Ma Kent,
Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) as Jimmy Olsen and Linda
Cardellini (ER) as Nasty.   Also amongst the voice cast is Arnold
Vosloo (The Mummy), Catherine Cavadini (The Powerpuff Girls), Finola
Hughes (General Hospital), Alexis Denisof (Angel), Obba Babatunde
(That Thing You Do!), Michael Gough (Batman) and John DiMaggio

Romano paused between her many current projects – including a few
upcoming DC Universe Animated Original Movies – to discuss the cast
and recording of All-Star Superman. Listen up …

Are there certain writers’ scripts you find easier to direct or get an
instant feel?

There are several writers I’ve worked with over the years whose words
I can recognize without even seeing a title page, like Stan Berkowitz,
Alan Burnett, Bob Goodman and especially Dwayne McDuffie. And because
I’ve worked with them for so long over so many different projects, and
once they know I’m on a project, it’s almost as though they write for
me – because they know exactly what information I need to know to give
to the actors. So I love working with all those guys. Dwayne works so
hard on being true to the source material, and yet translating it into
something that can be acted. He’s really good at making that
transition of honoring the material, but bringing the words off the
page to make it actable and dramatically interesting.

You’ve directed your share of voices for Superman. How did James
Denton rank in his first foray in animation?

Jamie was a voiceover virgin, or he hadn’t done much, but he was
outstanding to work with. Once an actor trusts that I will not let
their voice go out sounding bad, and that their performance will be
nothing less than the best, it becomes a very pleasant experience for
all involved. Jamie was like that. He reminded me of Jensen Ackles –
both are good actors, I’d seen their on-camera work, but because this
form is different than what they’re used to working with, there is
some insecurity with the territory. But once they don’t feel
threatened, they relax into the role. Jamie was a really interesting
choice – it can be difficult to cast some of these Superman films –
and he brought some unique interpretations and sensitivities to the
role. And that’s interesting for a director – to hear somebody else’s
thoughts on what a man like Superman would sound like.

What are you seeking in a Superman voice that differentiates from all
other voices?

Superman is such an interesting character because, while he isn’t
human, he has so many human qualities. He’s interesting because
without the effects of certain kryptonites, his instincts are always
going to be to do the right thing. But you don’t want that to come off
as being a Boy Scout or one note. And so you need kind of the white
knight, but to still keep him interesting. It’s like when we girls
first start dating, it’s never the clean-cut nice guy that attracts us
– it’s always the bad boy with the extra dimensions. That’s why I like
Batman so much. But when we can give Superman some layers, that makes
him interesting. And every actor I’ve used for Superman has brought
some amazing layers.

How did you choose Christina Hendricks to play Lois Lane?

I am such an admirer of her work, and I love what she does on Mad Men.
It was cute because she was quite nervous coming in with no prior
voiceover experience, but her acting instincts are so good, she has
the ability to adjust to acting to a microphone as opposed to camera
very quickly. I always give people positive feedback, but I was
telling her “terrific job” and you’ll see the evidence when you see
the piece. This is a very unusual, different story between Lois and
Superman, and she captured everything we were looking for and then
some. She was so enthusiastic about the role that she found a way to
squeeze the recording into her schedule – right after getting married
– and she gave us a terrific Lois Lane. I would use her again in a

I’m guessing you’ve been angling to get Anthony LaPaglia behind the
microphone for a while?

The actors I tend to bring in are people I’ve admired from afar and
have been looking for a specific character for them – as with Anthony
LaPaglia for Lex Luthor. He is such a versatile actor, and his dialect
work is so good. Moreover, he was so directable. If something confused
him, he asked just the right questions – he wouldn’t blindly do it 10
times to make it be right. He’d ask a very specific question, and that
makes it easy to direct, because you can answer those direct

Do you hold actors in any higher esteem when they are able to
perfectly portray an accent foreign to their own?

I admire anyone who is a dialectician in addition to acting. Doing
dialects is very technical, while the acting is more organic, so when
they can marry those two things convincingly, it’s golden. What I find
more often is that British actors can do a spot-on American accent – I
think that’s often because they come to America to find work and
there’s lots of casting to be done for American characters, so they’re
just smart to do it. And it’s not that easy to do an American accent
because there are so many regional versions – the deep south, the
northeastern variations, even Southern California. They each have
their own twists. Greg Ellis can do just about any accent you throw at
him. Robin Atkin Downes is just amazing. Jason Isaacs does some
stunning accent work – he perfected a Rhode Island accent for
Brotherhood.  Miriam Margolyes is another brilliant dialectician – I
adore her accents.

At one point in the LaPaglia session, he wasn’t understanding your
direction no matter how many different ways you worded it – and Brcue
Timm was able to communicate your direction with a simple drawing of
Lex’s face. Has Bruce done that previously/often over your 20-plus
years working together?

When Bruce did that for Anthony, I thought that was one of those great
moments where a picture is actually worth ten thousand words. One of
the things Bruce has done a million times before is, when someone
comes in to play a role, he’ll draw the character right there on the
spot. That almost always helps an actor establish a voice.

What’s the most unconventional casting of a villain you’ve ever done?

Bill Macy as a villain in Batman Beyond. I thought I’d do it just to
let him be the bad guy, because at the time he was getting all the
hapless, milquetoast, endearing good guy roles. So I thought it would
be fun to switch it around and, of course, he was brilliant.

This film has a lot of smaller that make an impact, and you spared no
expense in bringing in some lofty talent like  Matthew Gray Gubler as
Jimmy Olsen, Frances Conroy as Ma Kent, Ed Asner as Perry White and
even cult favorite Alexis Denisof as Dr. Quintum. What was your
thinking behind some of those casting choices?

I think Matthew is such a talent. He just did an episode of Criminal
Minds where his character was suffering a migraine throughout the
entire episode, and he was so good that you actually felt his
headache. What I love about Matthew’s voice is that it’s got a
naturally youthful quality, and there’s something interesting he does
naturally where he almost ends every sentence with a question mark.
It’s a very specific speech pattern. His sentences tend to go up at
the end. He’s a perfect Jimmy Olsen – sweet, endearing, slightly
nerdy. If I had a role for him in every project, I would always hire

Frances Conroy – first, let me say that she is not related to Kevin
Conroy, which is kind of funny because they know each other very well,
and they even went to Juilliard together. I’ve admired her work on
everything from Six Feet Under to Maid in Manhattan, and when I heard
she was doing voiceovers, I was so jealous somebody else got her
before I did. While there weren’t many lines for Ma Kent, it’s always
a pivotal role – it’s the woman who helped shape Superman’s sense of
right and wrong. And Frances just has that quality about her voice
that is mothering and warm and thoughtful, and what she did with such
few lines of dialogue was wonderful and exactly what I was hoping to

Alexis has such an interesting quality to his voice. I loved Dr.
Quintum, he’s such an odd character, and the voice matches perfectly.
I’m never 100 percent sure when doing the casting if I made the right
decision. It’s not until it comes back in animation that we really
know that it actually did work. Alexis as Dr. Quintum is definitely
one of those circumstances that worked well.

Beyond the on-camera actors, you tend to appear to have the best times
directing when you have a room full of full-time voiceover actors –
like on this project with John DiMaggio, Kevin Michael Richardson,
Robin Atkin Downes, Steve Blum, Fred Tatasciore, Michael Gough and so
on. What’s that group session like?

Often when I cast my ensemble players for some of the secondary
characters, and that is to say secondary characters by the number of
lines they must perform, I treat it almost like a casting party. I
want to put together people who enjoy being in a room together, that
are going to bring something to the party, and that they’re somebody
with whom I want to spend a few hours locked in a room together. Okay,
sometimes it should be a padded room. I find that I get a core group
of actors and I almost want to carry them with me to every different
project I’m working on – the end credits of my films and series
probably back that up. When I get the chance, I also like to cast
those guys in major featured roles, like John DiMaggio as the Joker in
Batman: Under the Red Hood. The thing about these actors is that
they’re so versatile that I could assign three roles to each before
they walked into the room, and I could change it when we walked into
the room and they’d have no problem playing the other characters
instead. It’s always fun to work with that group, but sometimes it is
like being a kindergarten teacher with an over-crowded class.

New Disney Steamboat Willie Print!

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Today, Mondo unveiled a gorgeous print for STEAMBOAT WILLIE by artist Tom Whalen

Poster by Tom Whalen
18"x24" w/ metallic inks
Edition of 200
Printed by D&L Screen Printing
On sale Friday, 2/25.
Follow @MondoNews for the "on sale" announcement.
A variant will be sold by Sideshow Collectibles at some point in the future.

Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse's collectible art boutique, featuring designs from world famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and Movie properties including Star Wars, Star Trek & Universal Monsters. Championed for their limited edition screen printed posters, Mondo focuses on bringing art back to movie posters by working with artists such as Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, Martin Ansin and others. Besides creating stunning works for beloved classics and contemporary films, Mondo produces posters for featured Alamo Drafthouse events and recently inaugurated a "Director's Series" that will focus on a celebrated filmmaker's body of work, beginning with Guillermo del Toro.

The Alamo Drafthouse is a lifestyle entertainment brand with an acclaimed cinema-eatery, the largest genre film festival in the United Sates and an online collectible art store. Named “the best theater in America” by Entertainment Weekly, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has built a reputation as a movie lover’s oasis not only by combining food and drink service with the movie-going experience, but also introducing unique programming and high-profile, star studded special events. Alamo Drafthouse Founder & CEO, Tim League, created Fantastic Fest, a world renowned film festival dubbed “The Geek Telluride” by Variety. Fantastic Fest showcases eight days of offbeat cinema from independents, international filmmakers and major Hollywood Studios. The Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique, Mondo, offers breathtaking, original products featuring designs from world-famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and Movie properties including Star Wars, Star Trek & Universal Monsters. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is expanding its brand in new and exciting ways, including the launch of Drafthouse Films, a new film distribution label and plans to extend its theaters and unique programming philosophy to additional markets across the United States. More information about Alamo Drafthouse franchise opportunities are available on the official website.

Marvel Unveils Stan Goldberg’s Cover To FF #1

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 Marvel Unveils Stan Goldberg’s Cover To FF #1

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at a stunning new variant cover for FF #1! Prepare to jump into tomorrow as Stan Goldberg, the original colorist for Fantastic Four #1 in 1961, provides a classic cover that can’t be missed by any Fantastic Four fan! This March, the remaining members of Marvels’ first family joined by the Amazing Spider-Man emerge as a beacon of hope for the Marvel Universe – the Future Foundation – courtesy of the chart-topping creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting. Their mission is simple: Save the Marvel Universe from its greatest threats and prevent future dangers from arising. Prepare to witness the mind-blowing birth of the super-team that changes everything this March, only in FF #1!

FF #1 (JAN110748)
Pencils and Cover by STEVE EPTING
Variant Cover by DANIEL ACUNA
Variant Cover by STAN GOLDBERG
Character Variant Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC
Fantastic Four 50th Anniversary Variant by GERALD PAREL
Blank Cover Also Available
Rated A…$3.99
FOC – 2/28/11, On Sale 3/23/11

Marvel Comics: Uncanny X-Men: MMXI

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Uncanny X-Men: MMXI
The Uncanny X-Men face their fears this July, as MMXI – the year of the X-Men – kicks into high gear!
Penciled by GREG LAND
Rated T+ …$3.99

Fox Salutes ‘American Dad!’ With Seventh-Season Order

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Fox Salutes ‘American Dad!’ With Seventh-Season Order
story courtesy of Animation Magazine.
Fox has renewed its animated comedy series American Dad! for a seventh season.
The series — created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman — is currently airing its sixth season. The order will see the show run into 2012.

The series, produced by Fox Television Animation, stars the voices of MacFarlane as Stan Smith and Roger, Wendy Schaal as Francine, Rachael MacFarlane as Haylee and Scott Grimes as Steve.

Debuting in 2005 in a post-Super Bowl spot on Fox, American Dad! celebrated its 100th episode this past season and is part of Fox’s Sunday-night Animation Domination block.

Marvel Comics: Uncanny X-Force: MMXI

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Uncanny X-Force: MMXI
An all-new mission for Uncanny X-Force begins this June as MMXI – the year of the X-Men – kicks into high gear!
Penciled by MARK BROOKS
Rated Parental Advisory …$3.99

$10 off coupon for Disney's Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack!

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Disney Movie Rewards currently has a $10 off coupon for the Bambi Diamond Edition  Combo Pack!

$10 off coupon for Disney's Bambi Blu-Ray Combo Pack!

Click the Above Title to read the Full Story....

Disney Movie Rewards currently has a $10 off coupon for the Bambi Diamond Edition  Combo Pack!

Barbie and Ken to Walk Down the Aisle in 2011?

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Barbie and Ken to Walk Down the Aisle in 2011?

In light of the recent news that Barbie and Ken are officially back together, renowned footwear couple-prenuers designed a signature Barbie and Ken wedding shoe in hopes that the two will tie the knot in recent months to come.

On-trend with Barbie’s signature romantic, girlie style, The Lisa for Donald J Pliner  “Barbie Ink” shoe is a white modern bootie adorned with mesh flowers. The fresh approach to the classic wedding day style can take Barbie straight from the beach to the dance floor. $265 at

The Donald J Pliner “Ken Pont” is uniquely designed with individual hand sewn glass beads which are tripled knotted to ensure durability. The full leather lining offers all day comfort while the Bologna Construction adds unmatched flexibly so Ken can stay true to his classic preppy style with a twist. $475  at

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman debuts new comic!

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 Super Dinosaur Preview Coming to comiXology

New York Times Best Selling author, Robert Kirkman previews Super Dinosaur, a new comic book for kids and adults, via comiXology app
Los Angeles, CA (February 22, 2011) – A free preview of Robert Kirkman’s Super Dinosaur will launch via comiXology, the leading digital comics distributor, on Wednesday, February 23, 2011.
Super Dinosaur is the story of Derek Dynamo, age 10 and his best friend, a genetically-altered 9-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex, who team up to save the world. Kirkman, author of The Walking Dead, previously announced that that he will release the first full issue of Super Dinosaur - digitally and in print – on April 1, 2011.
“Kirkman’s imagination seems to have no boundaries and Super Dinosaur really shows his range of creativity,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “This will be a great series that the whole family can enjoy and we look forward to giving our community a sneak peek of it.”
Kirkman describes the book as “a Pixar movie on paper” and has wanted to create a children’s book for a long time. Super Dinosaur will be published under Kirkman’s own Image Comics imprint, SKYBOUND. The free preview will be available February 23rd, the first issue will be available April 20th and the second issue will be Kirkman’s choice for Free Comic Book Day on May 7, 2011.
2010 was a big year for Kirkman and The Walking Dead. Besides the overwhelming success of the AMC TV series based on the books, The Walking Dead compendiums occupy 5 of the Top Ten Bestselling Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks of 2010; the comic series also won the Will Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series in 2010.
Robert Kirkman is a New York Times bestselling author known for being the cultural zeitgeist of the comic book industry. Following the grassroots success of the self-published Battle Pope (2000), Kirkman caught the eye of Image Comics founding partner Erik Larsen. After several short-term projects (SuperPatriot and TechJacket), he achieved superstar status in 2003 with Invincible and The Walking Dead. During a subsequent stint at Marvel Comics, he gained many new fans with the haunting and hilarious Marvel Zombies. MTV translated Kirkman's Invincible into a motion comic -- one of the first in a growing industry trend. Kirkman's SKYBOUND imprint, under the Image Comics umbrella, is committed to fostering up-and-coming talent in the industry, and all acquisitions are hand-picked by Kirkman himself. Kirkman won the 2010 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series for The Walking Dead. AMC's interpretation of the comic, helmed by Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd, has received glowing reviews from critics and fans alike, and continues to garner the highest ratings for the network, making it a game changer for groundbreaking television on cable.
Robert Kirkman LINKS:
Twitter: @robertkirkman
About SKYBOUND: A division of Image Comics founded in July 2010, SKYBOUND is helmed by Robert Kirkman, who handpicks and publishes up-and-coming comic creators for publication and development. Kirkman and SKYBOUND management maintain an active role in the promotion and expansion of their talent pool’s projects, and artist and company alike will be fully vested in the development of their properties into new mediums (e.g. television, film) globally. The first SKYBOUND Original, Witch Doctor, will be published in early 2011, and will be followed by a collaboration between Kirkman and Nick Spencer (Morning Glories) entitled Thief of Thieves.
About comiXology: Since 2007 comiXology has been developing the technological infrastructure to bring comics into the digital mainstream and expose new audiences to the rich history and culture of the industry. Through partnerships with top comic book publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, BOOM! Studios, Image Comics and TOKYOPOP as well as their own mobile and web apps which hosts over 6000 digital titles, comiXology has become a leader in digital comic book proliferation. Also focused on creating strong ties with retail stores through its technology solutions, comiXology continues to transform the previously fragmented comic ecosystem into a vibrant and cohesive marketplace.

Our Kids Coloring Pages section is live!

The coloring pages area in our Batman Kids Zone is now live!  Go check it out.

Marvel Comics: Your First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #6!

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Your First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #6!
Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Uncanny X-Force #6, from red hot writer Rick Remender and acclaimed illustrator Esad Ribic! The Avengers, the X-Men, and the FF... are now a part of Deathlok Nation! And the only team with the mettle to take out an army of super-humans-turned-cyborg killers is the Uncanny X-Force! But, mutated or not, surely even they wouldn’t cut down their friends and allies… Right? Guys?!
Find out why fans and critics agree – Uncanny X-Force has got them by the throat!
“Uncanny X-Force is the new hotness” – David Uzumeri,
“This series continues to fire on all cylinders.” – Jesse Schedeen,
“Honestly, this book has to be seen to be believed; it is that freaking good and I implore you to take a chance on it. Uncanny X-Force is the X-Men book for all you X-Men fans out there.” – Robert Tacopina,

“The X-line is remarkably strong right now, but issues like this mean that Uncanny X-Force is quite simply must-read stuff” – James Hunt,
The smash hit series of 2011 continues its ride of metal-on-metal mayhem in Uncanny X-Force #6, on sale this March!
Art & Cover by ESAD RIBIC
Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC – 2/28/11, On-Sale 3/23/11

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kites: The Remix Blu-Ray Review

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Kites: The Remix Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Hot, sexy, exotic, and wild are the only words to describe this "lovers-on-the-lam blast of pure pulp escapism." (The New York Times) Indian superstar Hrithic Roshan stars as J, a Las Vegas hustler engaged to the daughter of the city's most powerful and dangerous casino owner. But all bets are off when he falls in love with the ravishing Natasha (Barbara Mori), an illegal immigrant engaged to J's jealous and violent future brother-in-law. When their illicit romance is discovered, J and Natasha flee for the border with the police and relentless hired killers on their trail. Pulse-pounding action and sensational musical numbers propel this passionate love story to its stunning conclusion. This special edition contains the "deliriously entertaining" (Variety) full-length version that became the first Bollywood movie to make the American box office Top Ten, and Kites: The Remix, the edgier and sexier English language version produced by director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand).

Review: We watch a lot of movies here at the Legion.  Over and over again we see the same predictable plot...the characters go through the motions, but we know how its going to end up.  We even know whats going to get them there!  They say there are no new ideas.  While I do believe that statement, there are new ways and means of getting to your ends.  This is proven by the Bollywood-style crossover film Kites: The Remix.

Starring Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, Kites is an English/Hindi/Spanish language film that really showcases the over the top nature of foreign filmmaking.  The action is ACTION and the love is LOVE.  I mean its serious.  No laze-fare attitudes in Kites.  Running from the mob, fighting for true love..its all here and its pretty bad ass.  Don't let the title fool you, this one is worth a watch.

Interest Range: Drama