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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Virginity Hit DVD Review

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The Virginity Hit DVD Review

Synopsis: The quest -- losing one's virginity -- is an ancient one, but the tools used to document it are distinctly modern in this mockumentary about a young man's endeavors to "close the deal," as his buddies (and documentarians) so charmingly put it. When Matt's untimely breakup with a girlfriend throws a monkey wrench into his plans, his friends urge him to continue the mission anyway -- with them along to film the adventures.

Review: The Virginity Hit is another film in a fine tradition of the American Pie series.  The Virginity Hit is quite simply a movie about young guys trying to lose their virginity.  Simple right?  Wrong.  The guys all get together and decide that they're going to make a documentary about the process of trying to lose it.  This is, of course, full of actors and is in no way a real documentary, but rather a cute twist on this tale thats been told so many ways.  

Overall, this is a cute movie.  Definately more poignant for someone in the young teen age range.  I think a guy in his mid 20s that has a real life girlfriend might be bored by this one, although maybe the exploits and sense of desperation will be a trip down memory lane.  Hard to say. 

Interest Range: Comedy