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Friday, January 28, 2011

The King of Paper Chasin' DVD Review

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The King of Paper Chasin' DVD Review

Synopsis: When Carter Blanche (Dwayne “DL” Clark), a ruthless inner city drug dealer, tries to quit the crime game and go straight as a credible underground artist in the mixtape circuit, he faces deception, betrayal and violence from the people closest to him. As his crew turns against him, and his girlfriend cooperates with the FBI, Carter must take down his enemies before they destroy his empire.

Review: The King of Paper Chasin' has a lot of elements of a typical crime drama.  You have your hardcore criminal trying to legitimize himself in some way and really remove himself from a lifestyle that you cannot remove yourself from.  For some reason when people do this they never think to move to another city..I really think that would help, lol.  Anyway, this guy tries to break into the music scene and of course his thug friends won't have it.  Also, the FBI is still after him and all hell breaks loose.  This is kind of an urban version of 'The Town' in a way.  It was a solid movie and great if you enjoy 'gangsta' crime drama.  I personally enjoy the mobster films a bit better.

The bonus features include: Audio Commentary with DL, Director LaMonte Edwards and Directory of Photography Brett Albright, Making of Featurette.

Interest Range: Crime Drama