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Monday, January 24, 2011

ER: The Complete Fourteenth Season DVD Review

ER: The Complete Fourteenth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: At an ER party, Nurse Chuny Marquez recalls, "I still remember when Mark Green and Doug Ross were running the place." "Who?" asks a newcomer. So much has happened in 14 seasons, so many people have come and gone, but the chaos of saving lives and the dedication of the people who make County General run remain. In this penultimate season of the powerful, award-winning series, personal tragedies threaten - and sometimes strengthen - relationships among the staff. And the patients bring their own compelling stories. A boy genius diagnoses his mysterious illness, a cancer-ridden prison doctor is haunted by the men he put to death, a woman arrives in the ER expecting her 13th baby. Triumph, loss, tears, joy... next!

This box set contains every episode from the 14th and penultimate season of the long-running hit NBC medical drama E.R. The season's storylines involve political maneuvering between those seeking to be named chief of the E.R., a child prodigy with a rare illness, and a prison doctor haunted by what he's seen on the job.

Review: E.R. was one of the best and longest running medical dramas on TV.  The ever-changing cast of players never seemed to slow this show down.  Not until season 14.  The lag in interesting storylines may have been due to the writer's strike that year or maybe its just that the show had finally run it's course.  The show ends up running for one more season, thank goodness.

Season 14 isn't all bad, it just doesn't live up to the previous seasons.  I mean, John Stamos is a main character this season.  Thats a great sign that your show has one more season left in it.  This DVD is worth getting for your ER collection, but its certainly not the best example of what the show could be.

The special features on this DVD set include: unaired scenes, ER at 300: highlights from the ER 300th episode and a gag reel.

Interest Range: Medical Drama