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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Love: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

Big Love: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: For years, Bill Henrickson wished for a world free from the corrupt “prophet” of Juniper Creek, Roman Grant. Now that Roman appears to be out of the picture, Bill and his family can breathe easy … or can they? Hold tight for the fourth season of the iconic, Emmy®- and Golden Globe®-nominated Big Love.

Review: Big Love is a show that has infuriated me from the very moment that I saw it.  I wanted to like it going in and I don't know what it was...but I'm pretty sure it was Bill Paxton.  I hate that guy.  I really do.  I think that means he's a great actor, becuause he always plays a jerk and I believe it...I really do.  That is, however, the core of this show...watching this jerk screw up this already complicated family.  It keeps you watching.

In case you've been living under a rock...Paxton plays the head of a polygamous Mormon family.  In past seasons the drama has been intense.  This time around he decides to run for public office and go public about their lifestyle.  Idiot!  I mean really.  Ironically, the mormon polygamists on the TLC show 'Sister Wives' did just that in real life this past much bad press and ramifications in their personal lives.  This season was great to watch and definately is a must-own for any fan of the show.  Its been a crazy ride and with the last season in full swing I can't wait to see how far Paxton's character falls!  I hate that guy!

Interest Range: HBO, Drama