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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alpha and Omega DVD Review

Alpha and Omega DVD Review

Synopsis: Come along on the ultimate road-trip adventure that will leave the whole family howling with laughter! When Kate, a take-charge “Alpha” wolf, and Humphrey, a laid-back “Omega” wolf, get snatched by park rangers and relocated halfway across the country, the two must set off on an incredible journey home! With the help of a goofy golfing goose and his quacky duck caddy, Kate and Humphrey won’t let anything stop them – prickly porcupines, grumpy bears, even a speeding locomotive – from getting back to Jasper Park in time to help save their pack from rival wolves! And along the way, Kate and Humphrey learn that even though they are complete opposites, they make a pretty good team! It’s a thousand miles of fun in this wildly entertaining journey the whole pack can enjoy together!

Review: Its not often that we venture off the beaten path in our house when it comes to children's animated features.  To be perfectly blunt there is just SO much absolute crap out there and I don't want to waste our time with it.  Alpha and Omega is an original film, so we were leary of it, but we have it a chance.

The film is very well animated and the voice actor choices were solid, especially that of Justin Long.  We enjoy his acting anyway, so that made the film a little more enjoyable for mom and dad.  The story and content are a bit cliche, but only to us adults that have seen it a hundred times.  The Alpha pack and the Omega pack are at odds and a boy and girl wolf from each falls in love and has to run off together and then eventually return home to face the music.  Its a cute movie and was overall definately worth the watch.

The special features on this DVD release include: Log Sliding interactive game, “Wolves in the Wild” featurette, “The Alpha of Animation” featurette, “Voicing the Wolves” featurette, “From Alpha to Omega” featurette, Personality test: Are You an Alpha or an Omega?, Animal Fun Facts Trivia Challenge and Deleted Scenes.

Interest Range: Kids Movies, Animation