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Monday, December 20, 2010

Street Sketchbook: Journeys Hardcover Book Review

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Street Sketchbook: Journeys Hardcover Book Review

About the Book: Fans of the hit graffiti title Street Sketchbook will delight in this new volume dedicated to the journeys both geographical and imaginative of street artists. Twenty-six of the hottest new artists working worldwide today have opened up their sketchbooks to share their impressions as they travel on road trips, trek halfway across the globe, and explore internal landscapes. From widely diverse backgrounds, these cutting-edge artists share one crucial decision: to bypass conventional routes for the creative road less taken, the urban streets and alleyways. From doodles on a bus in Central America to fully realized murals spanning the Israel-Palestine border, Street Sketchbook: Journeys is an engrossing travelogue of visual free expression.

Our Take: I love looking into the sketchbooks of various artists.  As an artist myself I find it to be very inspirational.  This new volume of the Street Sketchbook series gives us 26 street artists.  Their artwork is very unique and low-brow, so its especially fun to see their sketches.  The hardcover book features hundreds of pages of great drawings.  Everything from true doodles to works that could be a finished piece, this book has it all.  It really enjoyed looking through this one and I'll definately be doing so again in the near future.  We highly recommend for any art fan!

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