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Monday, December 20, 2010

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday Deluxe Edition DVD Review

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday Deluxe Edition DVD Review

Synopsis: For years, girls have wished for a movie about their favorite American Girl.  Finally that wish comes true in the first-ever, full-length, live action movie starring long-time favorite Samantha Parkington! Samantha: An American girl Holiday brings history boldly to life as it takes girls on journey back to New York in 1904. Samantha’s prim and proper Grandmary is raising her to be a young lady, but her life starts changing the day as she meets Nellie O’Malley, the servant girl next door. Though they come from different worlds, they come from different worlds, they become fast friends, facing happiness and sorrow, adventure and danger together. But nothing can prepare them for the life-altering surprises that await them this holiday season.

Review: The American Girl franchise is a huge phenomenon.  There is so much to choose from including books, movies and of course the high-end dolls.  These are everything a little girl might want.  The stories are historical, classy and typically life affirming tales that you would want to expose your little lady to.  This is definately something to counter-act the damage done by BRAT dolls and the influence of modern pop culture.

This film is a lovely tale of America during the Industrial Revolution and the life of a little girl mourning the loss of her parents, while trying to adjust to her new life.  This film is full of fun, lessons and life affirmation.  Its a great film to share with your daughter.

Interest Range: American Girl Series, Kids Movies