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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Dog Year DVD Review

A Dog Year DVD Review

Synopsis: Based on the 2003 memoir by best-selling author Jon Katz, A Dog Year tells the story of a 50-something writer (Oscar® winner Jeff Bridges) in mid-existential crisis, who impulsively agrees to adopt a high-strung border collie named Devon. At first, the dog wreaks chaos on a suburban household Jon shares with two older, mellower Labs. But as Jon learns to let go of the hostility in his own personality, he finds his ability to train and communicate with Devon much easier. Ultimately, the experience transforms both man and dog in meaningful, unexpected ways.

Review: A Dog Year is an odd film.  Its one of those feel-good coming of age types of films, but for a 50 year old man.  I suppose thats not completely irrelevant, a lot of grown men could use personality overhauls!   This reviewer included.

This is a heartwarming tale of a man and the animal that changes his life.  He has too much anger and this new dog, Devon, changes his life through compassion and understanding.  Its a very nice film and one that you could share with your family.

Interest Range: Drama