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Monday, November 08, 2010

The Green Slime DVD Review

The Green Slime DVD Review
THE GREEN SLIME has been unleashed!  After years in captivity this Sci-Fi cult favorite comes to DVD for the first time only through the

Synopsis:  After a perilous mission to a huge asteroid, a crew returns to its space station, unaware a bit of ooze from the asteroid clings to a crewman’s uniform. The green goop grows – into murderous, tentacled monsters. And as station members fight to live, gunk from the monsters’ wounds turns into more monsters! That’s the story. Now enjoy as our heroes fight to preserve Earth and, unintentionally, our own senses of humor with a movie that Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times called “one of the funniest made-in-Japan sci-fi monster movies ever.” Kinji Fukasaku, whose later work was championed by Quentin Tarantino, directs. The world would be a far more bleak and joyless place without marvels like The Green Slime.

Review: The Warner Archive has been infamously providing fans of sci-fi with campy classics that were before hard to obtain.  The latest edition to this library is the classic 1968 flick “The Green Slime”.   This American funded MGM feature was shot in Japan and utilized master special effects for the time.

The film was co-written by the late, great Bill Finger, who was a largely uncredited creator of Batman.  He’s the man that gave Batman all of the qualities we know today.   The Green Slime, as its now known, is a great film about an asteroid headed to earth.   A group of astronauts destroy the asteroid, but bring slime back to their space station that turns into one-eyed monsters.  These monsters feed off of energy, so their laser weapons are useless!

The Green Slime is a great sci-fi classic.  Its campy, sure, but it’s a great example of 1960s sci-fi and a genre that Is largely now dominated by a post Star Wars way of thinking. 

Interest Range: Sci-Fi, Cult Classics