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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mrs. Miracle DVD Review

Mrs. Miracle DVD Review

Synopsis: James Van Der Beek (TV’s “Dawson’s Creek”) and Doris Roberts (TV’s “Everybody Loves Raymond”) star in this heartwarming charmer about family, faith and forgiveness. Overwhelmed widower Seth Webster (Van Der Beek) is searching for a housekeeper to help him with his rambunctious six-year-old twin sons. Mrs. Merkle (Roberts)—whom the boys call “Mrs. Miracle”—mysteriously appears and quickly becomes an irreplaceable nanny, chef, friend… and matchmaker. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber comes this whimsical holiday story filled with good tidings and great joy.

Review: Mrs. Miracle was a made for TV movie based on the best-selling novel by Debbie Macomber.   It stars James Van Der Beek as a widowed father struggling to raise his two boys and Doris Roberts as a matronly nanny that whips the boys into shape, while also motivating Van Der Beek to begin a romance with an attractive young travel agent.  Mrs. Miracle ends up fixing all of their lives, etc.   

The film is cute, albeit predictable, but its a nice family-themed watch.  If you're tired of downbeat dramas or action flicks, this one is a nice break and sure its a little sappy and very cliche, but its also sweet and has a lot of heart.

Interest Range: Drama, Romance