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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Love Ranch DVD Review

Love Ranch DVD Review

Synopsis: Inspired by an incredible true story... As proprietors of Nevada's first legalized brothel, Grace (Helen Mirren) and Charlie Bontempo (Joe Pesci) aren't your typical married couple. When Grace falls for Bruza (Sergio Peris-Mencheta), a heavyweight boxer contracted to Charlie, passions erupt, leading to murderous consequences.

Review:Love Ranch really took me by surprise.  I was expecting something tawdry and what I got instead was a complete shock.  The first half of the film is slow, a bit dull and almost vapid.  Its a lot of build up and backround on the life of these couple that runs a legal brothel in Nevada.  The brothel owners (played by Pesci and Mirren) are complete mooks that have no class.  Then, towards the middle of the film Mirren finds out she is dying from terminal cancer and the entire movie switches gears.  It is this gear switch that causes me to feature this film and to recommend it to you.  Stick with this one, its worth it.  This turns out to be a very touching and emotional life drama.

The special features on this DVD include Audio commentary with Director Taylor Hackford, Introduction by Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford and Deleted scenes with optional commentary.

Interest Range: Drama