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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Kooky Pens! Star Wars & Toy Story!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Kooky Pens!

The Kooky pens are a well hidden secret for collectors.  They produce very collectible character products from huge lines like Marvel Comics, Toy Story and Star Wars, but are still relatively under the collective radar.  In fact, they even product limited edition special pens.  We're featuring one here for you today.   These little guys are fun for kids, but also very collectible for adults.  Win-win!   These can be found online or at Toys 'R Us stores nationwide!

Limited Edition Star Wars Darth Vader Pen!

Star Wars: Clone Wars Animated Kooky Pens!

Toy Story 3 Kooky Pens!

Here is a nice comparison from the first set of Toy Story Kooky Pens w/ the new Toy Story 3 line!