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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HBO: The Special Relationship DVD Review

HBO: The Special Relationship DVD Review

Synopsis: From the Oscar®-nominated writer and producers of Frost/Nixon and The Queen comes a powerful new look at the human side of iconic world leaders. In 1993, Tony Blair was a rising young star in British politics. Three years later he ran for Prime Minister – and began a “special relationship” with U.S. President Bill Clinton that endured through triumph, conflict and personal scandal. HBO Films presents Michael Sheen, Golden Globe® nominee Dennis Quaid, Emmy® and Golden Globe nominee Hope Davis, and Helen McCrory in the behind-the-scenes story of two world leaders who forged a loyal, if tempestuous, friendship out of the crucible of political necessity: The Special Relationship.

Review:The Special Relationship is a film by HBO that details the relationship between President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair during the 1990s era of prosperity.  The film features Dennis Quaid (brother of maniac Randy Quaid! lol) in a fantastic rendition of Clinton.  His voice is not only spot-on, but his attitude as well.  He does a great job as a character actor, I honestly didn't think that I could forget that he was Dennis Quaid for one moment, but he proved me wrong.  The entire film is fictional accounts of what happened behind closed doors.  The film is enertaining and amusing, even if you're not really into politics.  Overall, a great effort.

Interest Range: HBO, Politics, Biopic