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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ExTerminators Blu-Ray Review

ExTerminators Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Alex (Heather Graham, The Hangover) finds herself in a court ordered rage-therapy group after a bad breakup with her boyfriend. There she meets Stella (Jennifer Coolidge, American Pie), the owner of an extermination business who might be killing more than bugs, and Nikki (Amber Heard, Zombieland), a dental technician with the face of an angel and the mind of a sociopath. Together these women form their own ‘silent revolution,’ wreaking havoc on the men of Texas with their own brand of girl justice. Boasting a star-packed cast including Joey Lauren Adams (The Break-Up) and Matthew Settle (TV’s Gossip Girl), this dark comedy will make you giggle and cheer as the bad boys go down!

Review: We’re in the business of watching movies here at the Legion and every so often an indie gem comes along.  The Exterminators is one such gem.  Best placed in the genre of dark comedy, The Exterminators follows the journey of two women, scorned and fed up, that go on a voyage to brutally murder their ex-boyfriends.  Heather Graham is absolutely adorable and a fantastic actress, as usual, and Jennifer Coolidge does what she does best....crazy!

The film is definitely dark at times, but overally its very funny, quite whitty and definitely a good time.  Its great on blu-ray, as all things are.  Its hard to go back to DVD!  If you want a great watch with friends or a spouse, this one should keep you entertained.

Interest Range: Dark Comedy