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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coopers' Christmas DVD Review

Coopers' Christmas DVD Review

Synopsis: Coopers' Christmas is a hilarious comedy set in 1985 suburbia where a dysfunctional family's Christmas disintegrates into madness once an estranged uncle shows up for the holiday.  Told primarily through the eyes of Teddy, the youngest Cooper son, through the family's Christmas present: a second hand VHS camcorder.

Review: Coopers' Christmas is a Canadian made film that was originally titled "Coopers' Camera".  The film is touted as a comedic masterpiece by many online, and when this happens we here at the Legion instantly become suspicious.  Comedy is a very tricky genre and there are far more misses than hits, so we decided to check this one out for ourselves.

The film is basically filmed on a camcorder to capture the 1985 Xmas of the Coopers.  The archetypical dysfunctional clan is full of vulgar humor and awful situations that truly do make for a fine film.  This one delivered with the ackward situations and disturbing content, thats for sure.  If you want some guaranteed laughs, pick this one up.  Its a little-known gem!

Interest Range: Comedy