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Monday, October 18, 2010

Treasures of the Sierra Madre Blu-Ray Review

Treasures of the Sierra Madre Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Gold in the hills, avarice in the hearts of men. Two hard-luck drifters (Humphrey Bogart and Tim Holt) and a grizzled prospector (Walter Huston) discover gold. Then greed and paranoia set in. John Huston won Academy Awards for his direction and screenplay. And his dad took the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Without awards, but with enduring acclaim, is Bogart's performance, transforming from a likable hobo to a heartless thug simmering in greed. Treasures place on the American Film Institute’s Top 100 American Films list reaffirms it's still a powerful movie.

Review: Humphry Bogart is a film legend.  We've reviewed his Essential Collection on DVD and the Maltese Falcon Blu-Ray release this week here on the Legion.  Why do much attention for Bogart?  We love him!  Bogart was a man!  A man's man.  A noir detective, a lover and an acting legend!

The Treasures of the Sierra Madre is an epic tale about the gold rush and how greed and money can turn an ordinary man..even the best of men, into a monster.  Bogart shows his range in this classic tale.  The blu-ray transfer on this one, just like the Maltese Falcon, looks stupendous. 

The special features on this blu-ray release include: Commentary by Bogart biographer Eric Lax, Featurette: Discovering Treasure: The Story of The Treasure of theSierra Madre, Feature-length documentary profile: John Huston, Classic cartoon 8 Ball Bunny, Warner Night at the Movies 1948 short subjects gallery, Newsreel, Joe McDoakes comedy short So You Want to Be a Detective, Classic cartoon Hot Cross Bunny, Trailers of this movie and 1948's Key Largo and an Audio-only bonus: Radio show adaptation featuring the movie's original stars.

Interest Range: Classic Film, Humphry Bogart