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Friday, October 22, 2010

Three Kings Blu-Ray Review

Three Kings Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: While high-tech U.S. specialists fought, career soldier Archie Gates marked time in his Gulf War base camp. But now it's time for action. Gates and three other restless Americans decide to raid a bunker holding a stash of gold stolen by the Iraqi army. Get in, get out, get rich, be back in time for lunch: the plan couldn't be easier. George Clooney portrays Gates, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube and Spike Jonze are his fellow commandos and Nora Dunn plays an ambitious TV newswoman in this acclaimed film that by turns is a war movie, an antiwar movie, a surreal comedy and a powerful drama of human compassion,  all written and directed with exhilarating style by David O. Russell . From start to finish, "Three Kings rules" (Susan Wloszczyna, USA Today).

Review: Three Kings is an often underrated and unnoticed war movie  that shows the side of battle that perhaps we don't want to see.  It brought to light the sad realities left after we evacuated Iraq after the first war back in the 1990s.  We left a land of violence and revenge and unfortunately the citizens are the ones who suffered.

Three Kings is a fantastic film that everyone should watch, especially now that we're back in Iraq!  The movie looks great on blu-ray.  The high-definition transfer looks great.  There is a slight grain at times, but overall its excellent.  The sound quality is very amped up and sounds wonderful in surround sound.  We recommend this one!

Interest Range: Drama, Action/Adventure, Political, War