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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Killing Machine DVD Review

The Killing Machine DVD Review

Synopsis: If you thought he was hardcore in THE EXPENDABLES, he's now totally unstoppable as the KILLING MACHINE: Action icon Dolph Lundgren (ROCKY IV, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER) stars as Edward Genn, a divorced Vancouver father and investment broker who also happens to be the infamous KGB-trained assassin known as Icarus . But when his two worlds collide in a storm of bullets, bloodshed and betrayal by the Russian Mob, Icarus reloads for the most personal and punishing contract of his entire career. When revenge is not enough, how far will a one-man death squad go to get even? Stefanie Von Pfetten, Samantha Ferris (SUPERNATURAL) and Bo Svenson (INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, WALKING TALL) co-star in this bone-snapping, skull-blasting, badass throwback to extreme '80s action movies, directed by Lundgren himself!

Review: He's baaaaack!  Good ol' Dolph Lundgren has come back to save the action film.  Lundgren directs his fourth film and he's really starting to get the hang of this!  I hadn't seen ol' Dolph in anything since Universal Soldier until the Expendables came out and I remembered how much I loved him, be it as Punisher or in Masters of the Universe or Red Scorpion.  He was one of the best superhero-sized action stars back in the day.  Age has been kind to Dolph and he's delivering action in the new gore-era!  Thats right, the 80s cheese is gone, and now its loud music, intense action and people being ripped in two!  Good times.  This film is exactly what you think it is and thats a beautiful thing.  I will keep this in my DVD library and I definately recommend it for yours!

Interest Range: Action/Adventure