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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cleveland Show: The Complete First Season DVD Review

The Cleveland Show: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Synopsis: Everyone’s favorite neighbor is back in this hilarious Family Guy spin-off! When Cleveland Brown moves back to his hometown to start a new life with his old high school sweetheart, their fledgling family faces everything from crazy redneck neighbors to an outrageously overcrowded honeymoon in this uproarious animated romp!

Review: The Cleveland show is a spinoff of Seth MacFarlane's hit show Family Guy.  Cleveland is one of the secondary players on that show, but he usually comes through with some well-placed lines.  The voice acting on the character has this kind of drawl that makes you think he's a bit simple, but its masterful character acting.

The show is on it's second season now and is starting to really find it's place.  Its a great add-on to the Family Guy franchise.  If you enjoy Family Guy, you'll enjoy the Cleveland show.  Period.  Plus, the DVD set comes with a neat fuzzy mustache.  Who can resist that, right? This one is a home-run for fans of crude animation, such as myself.

Interest Range: Family Guy, Animation