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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tapout: The Complete Series DVD Review

Tapout: The Complete Series DVD Review

Synopsis: Follow the TAPOUT crew as they travel around the country in search of promising MMA fighters to develop and possibly sponsor. Each episode follows the training of one fighter, culminating in a fight at a professional MMA event. Episodes: Diamond in the Rough, Little Fireball, Hot Head, The Search Continues, Charuto, Sergio, Sunshine, Rob Roy, Einstein, Highlights / Preview Episode,Lighty and Glover, Dany Lauzon, Greg McIntyre, Johny and Jake, Albert Manners, John and Julie, Pat Curran, Travis Marx, TJ Cook, Mike Campbell

Review: The Tapout television series is a half reality and half documentary style show that chronicles the Tapout brand’s search for the next MMA stars around the country.  Every episode focuses on one new or a pair of new fighters that they are interested in.

This whole MMA phenomenon is absolutely beyond me.  I am a fan of martial arts in general and I have always enjoyed watching technical martial arts fights and even the cheesy martial arts films, but this MMA is something different.  It started out in the 1990s as people from different martial arts styles facing off and that was fun.  Now, its just a bunch of street fighting.  The MMA has turned into the new professional wrestling with action figures and merchandise everywhere.

If you’re into MMA, this DVD set will be great for you.  I think you’ll have to be a hardcore MMA fan for this one to resonate, but if you are you should love it.

Interest Range: MMA