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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sex and Lucia Blu-Ray Review

Sex and Lucia Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: From acclaimed Spanish director Julio Medem (Lovers of the Artic Circle) comes one of the sexiest and most provocative films of the year. Sex and Lucía is an intensely erotic, daring and hypnotic tale of love and lust. After the loss of her boyfriend, Lucía (Paz Vega) escapes to a quiet Mediterranean island where she meets a new man and discovers the dark secrets of her past relationship. Audiences worldwide have embraced the film s sexual explosiveness and passionate storytelling. Dramatic, challenging and deeply romantic, Sex and Lucía has garnered much critical acclaim for its sensual bravery.

Review: I wasn't quite sure what to expect when delving into Sex and Lucia.  I mean, the title obviously gave me some clue, but I had no idea exactly how sexually explicit this film would end up being!  It graphically shows various sex acts, including oral sex and erections, which you're just not used to seeing in mainstream film.  I think its important to realize, however, that the sexual aspects are just that.  Sex serves as a backdrop for a fantastic story about a man figuring out his life and his own desires.   This film is truly fantastic, if you just give it a chance.  We definately recommend blu-ray on this one, as we do on all features!

Interest Range: Drama, Sensuality