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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scholastic: The Halloween Stories Collection DVD Review

Scholastic: The Halloween Stories Collection DVD Review

Synopsis: 18 not-so-scary stories in a 3 DVD collection. From the kid-friendly Halloween stories A Very Brave Witch and By the Light of the Halloween Moon, to family favorites The Teacher From the Black Lagoon and Where the Wild Things Are, kids and parents delight watching their favorite books spring to life on DVD.

Where the Wild Things Are
In the Night Kitchen
Alligators All Around
One Was Johnny
Chicken Soup with Rice
A Very Brave Witch
By the Light of the Halloween Moon
A Dark, Dark Tale
The Witch in the Cherry Tree
The Three-Legged Cat
The Three Robbers
Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain

Review: When you have small children its so difficult to find some good Halloween-themed programming.  Everything is either geared at teens or tweens and its just far too scary.  Scholastic has saved the day with their collection of 18 Halloween favorites, read by various celebrities.  The tales spookily themed, but are in no way scary, so you don’t have to worry about subjecting your little ones to something that will give them nightmares, but they can still enjoy the season!

Interest Range: Halloween, Kids Stories