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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mummies of the World Book Review

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Mummies of the World Book Review

About the Book: This compelling book provides a historical, cultural and scientific look at mummies and mummification and proves that fact is as compelling as fiction. As the companion catalogue to the Mummies of the World exhibition, this book features mummies from a variety of natural environments and several cultures, including Asia, Oceania, South America, Europe and Ancient Egypt.

The book reveals not only many of the techniques that ancient cultures used to preserve the bodies of the dead, but also the many natural processes leading to the preservation of bodies in desert sands, ice or acidic bogs, or even in attics.

Nearly thirty scientific essays, with outstanding photographs and illustrations, bring together the latest research in mummy studies, with contributions from archaeology, anthropology, palaeopathology, biology and many other disciplines. With dignity and reverence, this volume shares the hidden information contained within the mummies.

Our Take: When I first looked into this book I figured it'd be another book about Egypt.  You hear the term Mummy and thats just where your mind goes.  Don't be fooled!  This book is so much more than that!

Mummies of the World is a fantastic book by Alfried Wieczorek and Wilfried Rosendahl that delves into not only the idea of mummification, but the decomposition of the human body and the extensive science behind it all.  This isn't light reading, but its FULL of great information on a unique subject.  You won't find a better resource for the topic than this, we highly recommend!

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