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Friday, October 15, 2010

MGM 80s Movie Collection (6 films) DVD Review!

MGM 80s Movie Collection (6 films) DVD Review!

Synopsis: Beginning October 5th, fans can purchase blockbuster titles in packs of two, three, four, six and ten, offering hours of home entertainment at an affordable price.

MGM Movie Collection multi-features will be grouped into 18 genres, including action, comedy, romance, westerns, kids and sci-fi, along with classics, drama, thriller, mystery, horror, war, 80’s, sports, urban, family, musicals and the ever popular Midnite Movies.  These clever groupings allow customers to purchase movies that are enjoyable together at a cost that is well below what would be paid if they bought each title separately.

Review: This collection contains Valley Girl, The Rachel Papers, Losin' It, The Last American Virgin, Class, and Zapped!   I especially enjoy Valley Girl and Zapped.  These are some great campy 80s teen films that aren't to be missed.  This collection is cheap and full of groans and laughs.  Valley Girl is, of course, the classic film that made that obnoxious valley girl accent a pop culture staple.  Like, oh my gawd!  This is a really fun collection. I highly recommend.

Interest Range: 80s, Vintage Movies