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Monday, October 18, 2010

Humphry Bogart: The Essential Collection DVD Review

Humphry Bogart: The Essential Collection DVD Review

Synopsis: 24 timeless Humphrey Bogart Warner Bros. movies on 12 discs: Petrified Forest/ Marked Woman, Kid Galahad/ Black Legion, San Quentin/The Roaring Twenties, Dark Victory/ Virginia City, Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse/ Invisible Stripes, High Sierra/ They Drive by Night, Maltese Falcon/ Across the Pacific, All Through the Night/ Brother Orchid, Action in the North Atlantic/ Passage to Marseilles, To Have and Have Not/ The Big Sleep, Dark Passage/ Key Largo, Casablanca/ Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Review:  Humphry Bogart is a legend.  He had an amazing career that spanned decades and he was involved in some of the coolest films of all time.   I'm always kind of leary of boxed sets, they're often lacking and just for a quick profit, but not this time.  This set is the ultimate Bogart collector's pack!  It includes 24 of his films, all of which look fantastic on DVD, and tons of extra goodies!

This great box set includes: 24 films on 12 discs, 15 full-length commentaries by filmmakers and historians, 14 historical featurettes, 15 Warner Night at the Movies with newsreels and cartoons that were played in theaters prior to the features, vintage radio shows and studio blooper reels and a bonus disc that includes a documentary on the four pioneers who founded Warner Brothers Studios, All new 48-page collectible book with rare photography--movie still and behind-the-scenes photos from each film, Fifteen 5x7 cards of various one-sheets and correspondence including a telegram to Hal Wallis requesting the lead in High Sierra.

Interest Range: Classic Films, Humphry Bogart