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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harrison Montgomery DVD Review

Harrison Montgomery DVD Review

Synopsis: In San Francisco s poverty-stricken Tenderloin district, would-be artist Ricardo Papa is trying to make ends meet as a petty drug dealer. On the run from his boss and on the outs with his girlfriend, he takes up residence in the dilapidated Hotel Boyd. There he crosses paths with thirteen-year-old Lattie Flemming who charms Ricardo with her fearless and beguiling attitude. As they grow closer, Ricardo learns that Lattie's mother, Margo, is trapped in an abusive relationship that puts mother and child in jeopardy. When Ricardo desperately presses to make good on a deal gone bad, he encounters another of the Boyd's residents, Harrison Montgomery. Ricardo discovers that this aging recluse has a secret a secret that could solve all of Ricardo's problems. With his boss closing in, and Margo and Lattie on the ropes, Ricardo is forced to choose between saving himself, and saving his only friends.

Review: We really enjoy independent films here at the Legion.  We watch a ton of them and after awhile, even they start to blend together.  One that has recently stood out to us that we’d like to give mention to is Harrison Montgomery.  This story is truly heartwarming in a real-world type of way.  It explores the human connection, lonliness, abuse and has a dramatic flare and a heart-felt emotion attached to it that we rarely see come across well on-screen.  Kudos to this film and we definitely recommend that you check it out.

Interest Range: Indie Film, Drama