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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bo Burnham: Words Words Words Comedy DVD Review

Bo Burnham: Words Words Words Comedy DVD Review

Synopsis: Bo Burnham is back with a new one-man show full of his patented songs and wordplay, as well as haikus, dramatic readings, blasphemy, and so much more in his first hour-long special, shot live in his home town of Boston.

Review: Bo Burnham is a pretty funny guy.  We watched this special when it aired on Comedy Central not long ago and it was a riot.  He spends a lot of time of the piano singing through carefully crafted and whitty songs that definately bring home laughs.  His stand-up is rather jarring at times, probably because of his rather meek appearance, but don't let that fool you, Bo can spew venom with the best of them!  This is a great DVD, if you already dig Bo you'll love this special and if you've never had the chance to hear his comedy, this is a great place to start!

The DVD includes:

"What's Funny"
Girlfriend Racial Humor
"Men & Women"
One Man Shows
Binary Reality
"Words Words Words"
A Prayer How Do We Fix Africa?
Theoretical D**k Jokes
"Art is Dead"
Traditional Stand-up
"Oh Bo"
"I'm Bo Yo" Encore
"Love Is" Encore 

Interest Range:  Comedy Central, Stand-up Comedy