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Friday, October 15, 2010

Acrylic Innovation Book Review

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Acrylic Innovation Book Review

About the Book: A creative joy ride!

Acrylic is often used as a substitute for oil paint or watercolor, but the real gold mine is in allowing the medium freedom to do what it does best. This book shows how today’s artists are doing exactly that. It’s loaded with original artwork and valuable insight from 64 artists, incredibly diverse in styles and subjects, each using acrylic in unique ways to create expressive and personal art. 

· 64 artists offer their individual ideas, approaches and inspirations for working with acrylic paints

· 29 styles, ranging from photorealism to minimal color field and everything in between, are explored through artist profiles, artwork and boundary-breaking “challenges” that provide dynamic starting points for your own art

· 29 step-by-step demonstrations illustrate acrylic-driven techniques you can take straight to your work, including collage and assemblage, reverse painting, printmaking, accidental stenciling, working with metallic mixtures and more

A follow-up to the best-selling Acrylic Revolution, Acrylic Innovation takes you outside your comfort zone. Dip in whenever you feel the urge to experiment, have fun and see fresh and exciting results.

Our Take: We love art instruction and tip books here at the Legion!  I'm an exhibiting artist and I've worked rather extensively with acrylic myself, so I was curious to see if this book had anything to offer and how helpful it really would be.

I found that most of the tips were sound and well explained.  There are a few that require more visuals to show the steps involved, unfortunately when you're a professional and you can do something so simply, you forget that others may feel lost in your minimal instruction.  The book also comes with a handy-dandy CD that will help guide you through some of the tips.

Overall though, a great book and definately something to check out if you're into painting with acrylics.

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