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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Order Blu-Ray Review

The Order Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: After the head of his order of priests dies, Alex Bernier (Ledger), is sent to Rome to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death. The body bears strange marks on the chest that may be the sign of a Sin Eater, a renegade who offers absolution, last rites and a path to heaven outside the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church. Alex enlists the aid of an old comrade Father Thomas (Mark Addy, The Full Monty) and of a troubled artist (Shannyn Sossamon, Our Family Wedding) for whom he once performed an exorcism, only to find himself plunged into a mystery that brings him to the very brink of hell.

Review: The Order stars the late Heath Ledger as Alex, a rebellious priest.   When Alex's mentor is mysteriously excommunicated and then murdered, he sets off to investigate and uncovers a horrible truth.

The movie is rather dark and full of religious backdrop.  It went under the radar when it was released, but now fans of Ledger get a chance to see it in blu-ray high definition.  The picture quality looks fantastic, it transfered quite well.   The film re-unites the director and two main stars from 'A Knight's Tale', though don't look for humorous overtones in this one! 

The special features on the blu-ray include: Commentary by Director Brian Helgeland, Deleted scenes with optional Director’s commentary: Father and the Nuns, Father Bernier gives last rights to George, William Eden visits the nursery, Father Bernier and the Nuns / Mara meets Father Garrett, Club Inferno outtake, Nightingales. Father Garrett’s end. Dailies and the Theatrical Trailer

Interest Range: Drama, Suspense