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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Pawn Stars: Season Two DVD Review

Pawn Stars: Season Two DVD Review

Synopsis: The hit HISTORY series returns to the only family-run pawn shop in Las Vegas, where three generations of men carefully assess the value of items brought in by an array of quirky customers in need of fast cash.

Long before banks, ATMs, and check-cashing services, pawnbrokers provided monetary loans in exchange for personal items of value, and are still helping people make ends meet today while bringing in a sizable profit for themselves. Watch in PAWN STARS as the Harrison family attempts to find the gems and bust the fakes, all in hopes of making the biggest profit possible. Grandfather, father and son use their sharp-eyed skills to assess the value of items ranging from the obscure to the historic. There isn't much the Harrison family hasn't seen or heard, making Richard, Rick and Corey experts in rare collectables and negotiating.

Each episode of PAWN STARS features an array of characters attempting to sell, purchase or pawn items that the Harrisons must carefully appraise, and determine if they re real or fake before revealing the often surprising answer to 'What['s it worth?'

PAWN STARS: SEASON TWO contains 32 episodes on 4 DVDs.

Review: We love the History Channel here at the Legion.  One of the reasons is this show....Pawn Stars!  Season Two is on DVD and we couldn't be happier!  There are a slew of "reality" television shows out there, but few like Pawn Stars.  Its like Antiques Roadshow without the bore.  You have a pawn shop full of smart alecs and funny characters that are in the business of buying great items low and selling high.   Its such a blast to see the kinds of things that come in there!  They have this great Vegas-based shop that gets a lot of people bringing things in to pawn or sell, so that they can gamble, so you get some nice variety.  Everything from airplanes to civil war memorabilia to old toys and more.  

The other great aspec of the show is the clashing personalities.  You have three generations of a family working there from the old man to the grandson, plus the dopey friend Chumli.  Its great to watch them all play off each other.  This show is overall highly enjoyable.

BONUS FEATURES: Additional Footage

DISC 1: Fired Up / Sharks and Cobras / Old Man s Booty / A Shot and a Shave / Hot Air Buffoon / Steaks at Stake / A Christmas Special / Secret Santa / Pawn Shop Pinot

DISC 2: Bikes and Blades / Rick s Bad Day / Chum Goes AWOL / Wheels / Shocking Chum / Pezzed Off / Guns and Rangers / Tattoos and Tantrums

DISC 3: Pinball Wizards / Chopper Gamble / Spooning Paul Revere / Off The Wagon / Fortune in Flames / Backroom Brawl / Big Guns / Flight of the Chum

DISC 4: Bumpy Ride / Helmet Head / Bow Legged / Hell Week / ZZZZZZ / The British Are Coming / License to Pawn / Bonus

Interest Range: History Channel, Antiques