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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Highlander: Season 2 Blu-Ray Review

Highlander: Season 2 Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Enjoy Highlander in Surround Sound! Digitally re-mastered Soundtracks, encoded with stat of the art DTS 5.1 and embedded Stereo 2.1 Master Audio.  Davis/Panzer delivers stunning HD quality shows with breakthrough proprietary video enhancement and cleaning algorithm using Apple and AJA hardware platform.  This set features all 22 episodes from Season Two of the classic Highlander television show.

Review: The first season of Highlander on blu-ray met with very mixed reviews and a lot of fan resistance.   We here at the Legion enjoyed the first season release, because we realized that such an old show that was filmed overseas can only go so far.  Davis-Panzer listened to the fans and for this new Season 2 release things have really shaped-up!  Even the most serious of Highlander fanboy shouldn't be able to complain!

This blu-ray set looks signifcantly better.  The high-definition transfer is fantastic and the amount of extras is outstanding!  The show pics up in season 2 with the new intro and a better quality running story arc.  This blu-ray set is absolutely essential for any serious Highlander fan.  I can't wait to see what new extras they come up with for the next four season releases!

  • Season of Change- A brand new in-depth documentary featuring the late Bill Panzer, David Abramowitz, and cast members
  • All Over You- A production photo montage with original music by Jim Byrnes
  • 2 picture-in-picture commentaries with plenty of anecdotes by Adrian Paul
  • iPhone BD Tough remote control feature
  • Fans talk about Highlander its impact on their lives in a touching and humorous Q&A session
  • Four fan created Watcher “documentaries”
  • Fan created picture-in-picture commentary
Interest Range: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Highlander

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