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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forbidden Lies DVD Review

Forbidden Lies DVD Review

Synopsis: A dramatized documentary investigating accusations that "Forbidden Love" author Norma Khouri made up her biographical tale of a Muslim friend who was killed for dating a Christian.

Review: What a bizarre documentary this is!  The concept behind Forbidden Lies is from a 2003 book written by Jordanian Norma Khouri.  Khouri told the tale of an honor killing where a father had stabbed his daughter in the stomach after she fell in love with a Christian soldier and then received only three months in jail for the crime.  This tale horrified us all in the post 9-11 world.  The only catch is….it was a load of crap!  The story was revealed as false a year after the book was published, thanks to huge glaring factual errors in the book.

Now, a documentary is made to give Khouri a platform to sob and confess and also still persist that she wasn’t completely lying and take us on a journey to discover the truth..or at least her version of it.  I found this documentary to be highly entertaining, mostly because of all the drama queen moments with Khouri.  Its definitely a great watch.

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