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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ax-Men: The Complete Season Three DVD Review

Ax-Men: The Complete Season Three DVD Review

Synopsis: The Ax is back for another season of heart-stopping excitement as rival logging companies race against time and nature to bring timber to market using skills passed down from their fathers and grandfathers.

As AX MEN enters its third season, it's the dead heat of summer and the stakes are higher than ever. From mountaintop to river's bottom, from the Pacific Northwest to Florida to Louisiana, six crews take on work as unforgiving as the terrain, as fickle as the weather, and as dangerous as any job in history. Time is money on the mountain. These are the proving grounds where four generations of men have battled for green gold and tried to get out alive.
Review: There is a lot of reality television on these days.  It mostly revolves around singing, dating or acting like a complete idiot.  Ax-Men stands out from the pack due to the fact that its a look into actual reality!  Nothing scripted, its all real and gritty. 

Ax-Men takes us through the lives of these rival logging companies that are going head to head competing in a generations old battle for market dominance.  The only way to do this?  Cut down the most trees, of course!  This show will make any good environmentalist cringe, but others may enjoy this band of working-class heroes.

The Bonus Features on this DVD set include: Featurettes - The Loggers, Dangers, About Logging, Additional Footage

Episode Guide: 

DISC 1: Ax To Grind / Deeper Into the Swamp / Diving for Dollars / Boiling Point

DISC 2: Surviving the Swarm / Showdown / Chopping Block

DISC 3: Assault By Air / Crash and Burn / Curse of Kalina

DISC 4: End of the Line / Eleventh Hour / King of the Mountain / Bonus

Interest Range: History Channel, Reality TV, Logging