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Monday, August 16, 2010

Triage Blu-Ray Review

Triage Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: After a traumatic, near death experience in Kurdistan, Mark, a battle-scarred war photographer, returns home without his friend and colleague Colin. As Mark struggles to recover, he reveals the shocking truth behind Colin’s disappearance. Starring Colin Farrell, Christopher Lee, Kelly Reilly and Paz Vega.

Review: There are so many films out there that glorify warfare.  They give us epic battle scenes and war-torn heroes.  What they don't show you is the significant psychological impact that war can have on someone.  Colin Farrell plays the role of a photographer that is struggling with his experiences in a warzone in Triage.  

The film shows the gradual deterioration of a man that has seen too much.  Triage is decidedly anti-war in the way that it opens our eyes to the emotional aspects of war and definately leaves you feeling.  Triage is best experienced on blu-ray, the high-definition of the war scenes is not to be missed, it really adds to the emotional impact.

Interest Range: War, Thriller, Suspense, Action/Adventure