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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Joneses Blu-Ray Review

The Joneses Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A picture-perfect family headed by Kate and Steve Jones, with children Jenn & Mick, moves into a suburban neighborhood that is loved by all. In reality, they are a fake family commissioned by a marketing company as a way to introduce new luxury-level products to neighborhoods around the world, using undercover marketing techniques. The title obviously refers to the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses", describing well-known social phenomenon.

Review: I love movies like the Joneses.  Its one of those films that involves things in suberbia not being quite what they truly seem.  The Joneses are a fake family that is placed in the suberbs to drive interest up in products and services.  The stars Duchovny and Moore play the roles perfectly and with great skill.   The Joneses is funny in a dark sort of way and definately keeps your interest as things in their secret world begin to unravel, but truly sort of ravel!  Its like watching the Truman Show in reverse, because they know that everything around them is fake, its everyone else that is in the dark!

The film looks great on blu-ray.  The high-definition picture isn't to be missed anymore, its actually difficult to watch things on DVD!  This one is a blast and definately something we recommend.

Interest Range: Drama, Mystery