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Thursday, August 12, 2010

TCM Spotlight: Errol Flynn DVD Review

TCM Spotlight: Errol Flynn DVD Review

Synopsis: DESPERATE JOURNEY Allied airmen shot down over Germany fight their way back to England. ERROL FLYNN leads RONALD REAGAN and other flyboys in a rousing wartime spirit-lifter. EDGE OF DARKNESS They’re everyday citizens – and extraordinary heroes. Flynn and ANN SHERIDAN rally Norwegians against the Nazi occupiers of their once-peaceful village. NORTHERN PURSUIT Icebound wilds and ice-blooded Nazis! Canadian officer Flynn infiltrates a cadre of saboteurs and guides them toward their destination…and into the unraveling of their scheme. UNCERTAIN GLORY The Gestapo decree: 100 Frenchmen will die if a resistance leader fails to turn himself in. Condemned French prisoner Flynn volunteers to pose as the wanted man. Powerful heroism! OBJECTIVE, BURMA! Pinned down in the jungle – and fighting back! Flynn commands a stranded paratrooper patrol in this gritty, volatile tale noted for its battlefield authenticity.

Review: This DVD collection features five classic Errol Flynn films.  These war-time epics are fan favorites from Warner Bros.   My favorite of the five is the WWII film Uncertain Glory.  The heroism depicted in that film is amazing and rarely seen these days.   War films now are all about  shock value, rather than good storytelling.  These Flynn films are such a great look back!

Flynn had that certain something that Hollywood lacks now.  He had a class and an air about him that was very distinguished.  He's old Hollywood and there is always something attractive about that.  Its back when personal lives were personal and the glamour and glitz of the silver screen ruled all.  These classic films are a great look back at what Hollywood used to be, and what many of us wish that it still was.

The films included in this set are: Adventures (Desperate Journey), Edge of Darkness, Northern Pursuit, Uncertain Glory, Objective (Burma).


Interest Range: Errol Flynn, Vintage Film