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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Stargate Universe - SGU 1.5 Blu-Ray Review

Stargate Universe - SGU 1.5 Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: The electrifying series starring Robert Carlyle returns, presenting a whole new set of challenges for the civilians and military personnel stranded in deep space aboard an aging spaceship. As Dr. Rush (Carlyle) races against time to locate a tracking devise hidden somewhere on the Destiny, he also begins to suspect that a mole for the Alliance has infiltrated the group. Confronting the constant demands of their ship, the crew must also face their personal demons time and again in this powerful adventure that also features Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Shanks, Richard Dean Anderson and Julia Benson.

Review: This blu-ray set represents the second half of season one of the Stargate Universe television show.  The crew is still dealing with their old ship and that is constantly causing issues and weighing heavily on things.  The Lucian Alliances is suspected of the attack on the Icarus base and there may be a mole inside the crew!  There is a lot of drama, suspense and action in this series.

Stargate Universe is a great show.  Thankfully Richard Dean Anderson is involved!  It would be a shame to stray completely from the other two series.  If you enjoy science fiction or the other Starage television shows, this one definately won't disappoint!

The show looks amazing in high-definition.  When it comes to shows like these, effects and scenery are everything!  The sound is outstanding and the picture looks phenominal!  This one is a great buy!

Interest Range: Stargate, Science Fiction, Action / Adventure