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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sonic Underground: Legend Has It DVD Review

Sonic Underground: Legend Has It DVD Review

Synopsis: Getting to Know You: Sonia is invited to a debutante ball, but first she and her brothers, Manic and Sonic have an important mission. Robotnik has constructed an evil weapon that will capture and robotisize all members of the resistance. The Underground must hijack this weapon and insert a deactivating device. Sonia daydreams about the party., becomes distracted and is caught while executing part of the mission. 

Harmony of Something: A fraction of the Freedom Fighters is wiped out by a swarm of metallic fly-bots. When Manic goes in search of the insects, he is stung with serum, making him loyal to Robotnik. Sonia finds Manic communicating a radio message to Robotnik and realizes her brother is under a spell. It is up to Sonic to terminate the metallic pests. 

When in Rome: The Hedgehog's vacation is interrupted by the news of Robotnik's latest weapon. Sonic, Manic, and Sonia must travel to the arctic where the weapon is located. They are shocked as the submarine melts the icy landscape from under the feet. The Hedgehogs then scurry to locate the lethal submarine before the entire planet is completely submerged under water. 

Six is a Crowd: Robotnik's new weapon, Art, is the enforcer of Robotropolis' new eradication policy. Art's objective is to destroy everything in sight, including Sonic, Manic, and Sonia. The giant mechanical beast is seemingly unstoppable until he overhears the musical melodies of the Underground band. The music tames the savage beast and the Hedgehogs take advantage of this sudden change in the robots mood.

Review: Sonic Underground was a cartoon based on the Sega Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise.  It came out around the turn of the millenium as this cool and hip update to Sonic for a new generation.  This was the same time X-Men and Batman were getting cool revamps with X-Men Evolution and Batman Beyond.  

We love a good cartoon here at the Legion, but we thought it best to leave the ultimate word up to our kids, ages 7 and 6.  They loved both this and the Adventures of Sonic cartoons.  The more the merrier.  Although I would like to see complete seasons, these releases are a great taste of what the show was.  This DVD release includes 4 episodes of the show.  Overall, a ton of fun and a great quality cartoon!  Move over Sponge Bob...Sonic is back!

Interest Range: Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega, Classic Cartoons