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Friday, August 20, 2010

Orlando Special Edition DVD Review

Orlando Special Edition DVD Review

Synopsis: Tilda Swinton, Billy Zane and Quentin Crisp star in this "hip, sexy and wickedly funny" film based on the gender-bending novel by Virginia Woolf. Swinton stars as Orlando, an English nobleman who defies the law of nature with surprising results. Immortal and highly imaginative, he undergoes a series of extraordinary transformations which humorously and hauntingly illustrate the eternal war between the sexes. Visually stunning and beautifully acted, Orlando is an intoxicating blend of romance, adventure and illusion.

Review: This now classic tale from Virginia Woolf is being released in a special edition DVD set!  The tale of a lord that lives life over a 400 year span and even gives himself a sex change to avoid war is masterfully played by the now famous Tilda Swinton.  This film came out originally back in 1992.   Finally, we get a great edition of the light-hearted, but poignant film.

The special features on this new DVD set include: Orlando Goes to Russia, Orlando in Uzbekistan, Jimmy was an Angel, Venice Film Festival Press Conference, An Interview with Sally Potter, Select Scenes, Commentary with Director Sally Potter

Interest Range: Drama, Romance