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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off and Running DVD Review

Off and Running DVD Review

Synopsis: With white Jewish lesbians for parents and two adopted brothers - one mixed-race and one Korean - Brooklyn teen Avery, a local track star in high school, grew up in a unique and loving household. But Avery's curiosity about her African-American roots compels her to contact her birth mother, thrusting her into a complicated exploration of race and identity that threatens to distance her from her family. But when Avery decides to pick up the pieces of her life and make sense of her identity, the results are inspiring. OFF AND RUNNING follows Avery to the brink of adulthood, exploring the strength of family bonds and the lengths people must go to become themselves.

Review: Off and Running is a film about an African-American girl that was adopted by two Jewish Lesbians into a mixed family in Brooklyn.  Once she is nearing graduation from high-school she really begins to question her roots and heritage, to the point where she eventually drops out and becomes completely confused and uprooted.  This coming of age tale really shows us how fragile the family unit can be, especially if someone within it doesn't truly know themself.  The film is touching, heartbreaking and vulnerable.  Its definately a must-see.

Interest Range: Drama, Coming of Age