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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Do And I Don't DVD Review

I Do And I Don't DVD Review

Synopsis: An outrageous comedy about a blissfully unaware couple who must endure church-sanctioned marriage counseling before they can tie the knot. Little do they know that the couple they're assigned to turn out to be beyond dysfunctional and on the edge of divorce. Our couple must learn the hard and hilarious way of what it really takes to be truly, happily married.

Review: At first glance one might assume that this is your everyday romantic comedy, right?  Wrong!   Your first clue was the casting of Jane Lynch in this film.  If you're familiar with Lynch at all you know that you only bring her in for extreme and inappropriate comedy.

The humor in this film about marriage is very risque and at times the tension in the film is uncomfortable.  This is a good thing in our book.  The comedy just comes together and this ends up being a very welcome addition to the 2010 comedy line-up.  I watched this one the same day as I saw 'Date Night' with Steve Carrell and I thought this one was funnier.

Interest Range: Comedy, Romantic Comedy