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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guilty Party Wii Game Review

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Guilty Party Wii Game Review

About this Game: Disney Guilty Party is a fun and hilarious mystery party game, exclusively for Wii™. Friends and family play as the savvy sleuths of the world-famous Dickens Detective Agency to investigate a series of crimes and identify the guilty party. Explore a variety of mysterious locations - each with a unique twist. The Wii Remote™ is used to collect clues and interrogate suspects via fun pick-up-and-play minigames. With enough evidence gathered, players can identify the guilty party and solve the case - but the Dickens Detective Agency has many enemies, and there's always another suspect lurking in the shadows...

Our Take: There are a ton of Wii games that come out every year, but none quite as fun as Guilty Party, the newest release from Disney.  You work as a sleuth with the Dickens Detective Agency in order to solve various mysteries.  One of the coolest things is that every level can have a different ending, depending on how you play it.  This game seemingly has infinate twists and possibilities.

The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are fantastic.  Our entire family played this one together and it was a blast.  It reminds me a lot of the old 'Clue' game, but with a lot more interesting turns.  We won't reveal the identity of ol' Mr. Valentine, but rest assured it'll take you by surprise!

They key features of this release are:

Family Friendly Fun: Play alone or with up to four people in head-to-head gameplay, or team up in cooperative modes to solve the case

Become a Detective: Play as an elite detective called in to investigate a bizarre series of mysteries. Search the scenes for clues, question suspects and utilize sleuthing skills to crack the case

Fun Mini Games: The Wii Remote becomes a lock pick, a flashlight and more. Quick wits and reflexes are needed in dozens of mini-games to uncover clues and gather information from suspects

Replayability: Each level can be replayed with a different ending every time