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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Four Seasons Lodge DVD Review

Four Seasons Lodge DVD Review

Synopsis: From the darkness of Hitler's Europe to the lush mountains of New York's Catskills, FOUR SEASONS LODGE follows a community of Holocaust survivors who come together each summer at their beloved bungalow colony to dance, cook, fight and flirt - and celebrate their survival. Directed by New York Times journalist Andrew Jacobs, with cinematography by the legendary Albert Maysles (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens), FOUR SEASONS LODGE is an inspiring and surprisingly funny documentary that captures what may be the final season for a remarkable tribe of survivors who have found that dancing, laughter and late-night revelry may be the best revenge on Hitler.

Review: When I began watching Four Seasons Lodge I didn't expect to be terribly entertained.  I figured I'd see a tired and boresome documentary about some WWII survivors.  Instead, what I got was an engaging and honest look into not only the world of the holocaust survivors, but also inside the golden years of life and a special group of people that have more life and spunk than many half their ages!  This documentary is very interesting and relevant, I found it to be a great watch.

While watching these people that have survived through so much in their lives, the problems in your own life might seem to shrink just a bit, because they have embraced life and value it for what it truly is.  A gift.

Interest Range: Drama, Documentary, WWII