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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Escape from New York Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Review

Escape from New York Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Review

Synopsis: In a world ravaged by crime, the entire island of Manhattan has been converted into a walled prison where brutal prisoners roam. But when the US president (Donald Pleasence) crash-lands inside, only one man can bring him back: notorious outlaw and former Special Forces war hero Snake Plissken (Russell). But time is short. In 24 hours, an explosive device implanted in his neck will end Snake's mission - and his life - unless he succeeds!

Review: Escape from New York is a classic dystopian look at the future that has become a huge cult classic.  So much so, in fact, that they made a sequel, Escape from LA back in the mid-90s.  This classic John Carpenter film has a ton of action and was one of the original 80s sci-fi greats!  Essentially, Snake (Kurt Russell) is dropped into New York to rescue the president.  New York has developed into a sectioned off area that is full of criminals.

The blu-ray release of the film is bitter-sweet.  On one hand, it kicks the crap out of the foreign blu-ray release, which featured too much grain and nasty edges.  Not to mention the color was off.  This new blu-ray release looks great!  The film is primarily shot in night sequences, so you don't get crystal-sharp picture, but you get the best you can possibly have!  The only downside to this release is the huge lack of extras.  The 2-disc DVD edition that came out a few years back included a ton of extras, including documentaries and commentary.  The blu-ray only includes a trailer.   This blu-ray and DVD combo pack is a great addition to your collection, but if you're really into the film, you may want to also go back and pick-up that special edition DVD.  This one definately is worth it for the high-def upgrade, though!

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Interest Range: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi