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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art & Sound of the Bristol Underground Book Review

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Art & Sound of the Bristol Underground Book Review

About the Book: Chris Burton and Gary Thompson have compiled a fascinating collection of flyers advertising secret parties on the Bristol circuit in the 80s and conducted a series of interviews with the people behind the leading hip hop crews of the day. The result is a book that covers an area in Bristol's (and the UK's) musical development that has never before been documented. Nothing seemed to daunting for the young DJs, MCs and rappers as they took over abandoned buildings, moved in the sound systems and partied al night long. The only publicity was word of mouth and flyers. Many of the artists behind the flyers such as FLX, Inkie and Nick Walker have gone on to gain national and international recognition while many of the crews have become music superstars.

Our Take: This book gives you a fun and rare look at one of the United Kingdom's most infamous underground scenes!  If you were lucky enough to be there, then you can re-live your experiences through tons of fliers and interviews.  If you weren't fortunate enough to experience this scene, then you can get an insider's look at what went down!

What really appeals to me about this book, because I'm so visual, is the various fliers for the underground parties.  That is such a cool look at an art form that is rarely spotlighted.  I really enjoyed seeing all of these by some very talented and widely unknown artists.  This book is a great read and an interesting look at a secret subculture.  Definately a must-read.

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