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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Accidents Happen Blu-Ray Review

Accidents Happen Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Oscar nominee* Geena Davis stars as Gloria Conway, the sharp-tongued mom in this darkly comic story of a family strangely cursed with a streak of bad luck. But as life takes unexpected detours, Gloria manages to tear apart her pain to find the humor in even the toughest things that happen to her. When her teenage son Billy uncharacteristically lets off some steam in a series of scandalous pranks, the tragic results are something no one could have predicted. But with the love of his family and some unexpected help, Billy sees the magic behind lifes oddest accidents. *Best Supporting Actress: The Accidental Tourist, 1988

Review: I didn't expect much going into Accidents HappenWe haven't seen much out of Geena Davis in years and I hadn't heard any hype surrounding this particular film.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a great story that includes some dark humor, but is ultimately a film on the modern family.

While acting out, due mostly to their slightly disfunctional life, the son Billy creates a massive tragedy.  It takes you by surprise, but is the pivot for the entire storyline.   I greatly enjoyed this one, it has a few laughs, but is really a great drama in disguise.

The best format for this film, as all films, is blu-ray!  You can't beat the high-definition transfer, which looks great on this film.

Interest Range: Dark Comedy, Drama