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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saving Grace: The Final Season DVD Review

Saving Grace: The Final Season DVD Review 

Synopsis: A top-notch forceful investigator whose wild personal life translates into a no-holds barred approach to her work, the fiery Oklahoma City police detective is back to tackle her biggest investigation yet… her own emotional crisis. With the guidance of an unconventional “last chance” angel, the cynical and fast-living Grace works to save herself from her wild ways and finally find peace and redemption.

Review: It surprises me that Saving Grace only ended up going four seasons.  This show was very popular and had a great following.  Holly Hunter really put out a great performance in this project and elevated herself into a renewed level of stardom.

Its hard to talk about the final season with any details.  Of course, I won't discuss the finale with you except to say that it really does pay off and keep your tissues near.  Its hard not to get invested in these characters and along the way you really tie yourself into their personal drama.  Thats one of the reasons that this show worked.

We highly recommend picking up the final season of Saving Grace.  If you haven't bought the other seasons, definately go back and do that, as well.  Its a fantastic show.
Interest Range: Police Drama, TV Shows